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We occasionally have started hunting dog to fit your needs.  All dogs purchased at Shaffer Goldens guaranteed to perform skills consistent with the phase of training they have reached.  


The purchaser of each new pup will receive one-on-one handler training at the Shaffer Goldens Ranch.  If for any reason the pup will not react accordingly within a few months of the handler purchase, Shaffer Goldens will offer additional one-on-one training in the field, free of charge.  Every Shaffer Goldens customer is welcome to come back periodically to refresh their field partnership with the dog at the training ranch through the life of the dog.

Shaffer Goldens occasionally has trained hunting dogs for sale.  These are dogs that either we have trained from pups with the goal of selling, client’s dogs (sometimes a client’s life situations change forcing them to get rid of their dogs) or trained dogs that we were contracted to sell.  The beauty of these hunting dogs is this….what you see is what you get.  We invite prospective buyers to come to our dog training grounds for a demo of the dog before they buy. We will set up a hunting scenario similar to how you will be hunting so you will know exactly how the dog will respond.  After we demo the dog for you, we will teach you all of the basic commands and allow you to work the dog ensuring a smoother transition. 


These dogs are very limited so call us now at 970-309-4420  to inquire about availability.

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