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We are more than just a Colorado Native Golden Retriever Breeders now proudly sporting the Oklahoma life.  We offer much more than just Gun Dog Training, we offer Obedience, for competition or for the everyday pet/companion.  We do offer private lessons and occasionally group classes, however due to the fact we show our dogs in a lot of different venues our group classes are during the slower winter months. 

We believe body language is extremely important in training a dog. This is how dogs communicate in most cases.  Teaching your dog in a language he or she understands is of paramount importance. Every move or gesture you make is speaking to your dog and it is watched by the dog. In order to train a dog effectively you must understand how dogs think and what they understand and speaking the instinctual language a dog understands and respects will help your dog understand what you want from him or her. They must recognize that you are the pack leader and must obey your commands willingly. They naturally enjoy pleasing their pack leader. Learning to read your dog, you will earn your dog's respect without causing fear and make a lifelong partnership.

Golden Retrievers Snow Dogs


Basic Obedience training is teaching your dog to "Come or Here", "Sit", "Stay" and "Heel" with a few variations in your commands. This is a 3 week minimum course and the fee is $1,500. We instruct you how to discipline and work with your dog in an organized, step-by-step program. Pre-scheduled, one-on-one, owner training sessions with you and the trainer are included in the fee, including as many follow up sessions you may need. Obedience training helps make dogs more manageable and responsive to commands. An obedient dog is a joy to own and a rewarding family companion. Feel free to contact me and I will be happy to discuss what training solutions available to address your dog's specific needs.


In each of our training programs all Dogs are started with basic obedience, the proper introduction to birds and gunfire, e-collar conditioning and handling in and out of the field with whistle and/or verbal commands. I have personally trained many different types of hunting dogs. Not every dog is the same, and not all dogs will respond to the same training techniques. Here is where most trainers fail. If your dog doesn't conform to your set regimented training program, or what the book or video says, he or she may end up confused. It has often been said that dog training is an art. It is this ability to move away from a set program, think outside the box and develop a personal program tailored to meet the needs of your individual dog, which separates an average trainer from a great one. I use all of my experience and connections to properly train a dog.  If I can't get it done then I will be the first to tell you.  I believe in encouraging their natural instinct and teach the rest.  I teach the humans how to read and hunt with their dogs.  I take clients on a hunt at a private hunt set up here at the ranch to insure the owner nows how to work together with their hunting partner. 


Our Head Start program is for young 4-6 month old dogs. We introduce your young pup to birds, whistles, check cords, field commands and only if they are ready the proper introduction to gunfire. This exposure is for developing your pup's natural instincts and involves no corrections. An extremely important part of a puppy's development is to enjoy all the new hunting experiences without any pressure. At the end of your dog's introductory work when you come to pick up your pup, we will spend time working with you and your pup together. We will instruct you on what "to" work on and what "not" to work on at home to prepare your pup for the more advanced training. This introductory work is designed to educate your pup on how to get the most out of his or her early sessions.  During this critical stage of rapid development we lay the foundation for a great hunting pup. A poorly started pup often will be struggle in their later training. The Training Fee is $850.00 for the 3 weeks introductory course.

Formal training starts with most dogs between 6-12 months of age. The average time in training is 3 months, however this can vary depending on the dog's natural ability and the owners desired level of training. At the end of training you should have a gun dog that you can take to the field and be proud of. 


The Foundation Training it is preferred to start your young dog starting at 6-12 months old, however this is where every dog starts no matter their age. This is where formal training begins. Your dog will be taught to handle in and out of the field off leash and on whistle and verbal commands. They will, depending on the dog, learn to quarter, sit in blinds, retrieve, and deliver to hand. This dog will be ready to hunt on wild birds after this program.  We develop the dog's natural instinct; the dogs bring out his or her natural retrieving ability in these sessions. Your dog will be trained on a check cord at first and then trained with an e-collar to handle off leash when he is done. Before the dog goes home, we instruct the owner in how to maintain the training, keep the dog in good physical condition, and take you and your dog on to a private hunting club to hunt and sensible ways to continue hunting with your dog. This training also includes one on one personal training session for the owner and dog until both dog and owner are working as a team. Training Fees are $2,000.00 per month for 3 months minimum and includes birds, travel depending on what the dog needs are.


Our training is for Bird Hunting Dogs and their Owners and our relationship with our clients doesn't end when you drive away. Our clients are welcome to return with their dogs for one on one help you keep your dog tuned up.


If you have any questions about our training program, please feel free to give us a call. We always enjoy talking about dogs.



I have always loved being a breeder and a trainer.  Colorado farm girl, I have trained several different types of dogs, from little Toy breeds to the extra, extra large breeds.  I believe every dog is a trainable dog you just have to find what his or her talents are.  Dogs are problem solvers, want a good pack leader, and need jobs, they really want to do for their human companions.  I also believe their human companions sometimes need help in training their dogs.  I show my dogs in Obedience, Rally, Confirmation, dock diving and Hunt Test.  I also hunt with my dogs.  Even the pet can be a show dog: it is fun and good for the whole family.  Dogs enjoy showing in most cases, and it is not too expensive, there are enough local shows to keep you close to home where ever that may live.  For the kiddos in the family there is 4-H which is all about the kids.  Youth programs for dogs are a good way to spend time with the family including your 4 legged members.  If you're going to own a dog you have to decide how good of an owner are you, because they think you're the best person in the world.  Your job is to try to live up to that....


All of our dogs are on NuVet, we believe its a vital part of their diets to help healthy dogs for life.   We had NuVet save dogs lives.  Your welcome to use this link to purchase of other dogs and cats as well.  


We feed Pawtree products as well as homemade raw.  There are several options out there, however we find that Pawtree has quality products with wholesome ingredients as well as excellent customer service. 

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